ticketing guidance

  1. important - please make sure you do not have another open ticket with the same reason
  2. by opening new more ticket for a cases that already you have another open ticket for them . your case will start from the beginning and your case cant complete faster
  3. please enter clear subject Do not write a summary. Do not post unrelated topics
  4. select right department please
  5. select your priority of your case
  6. message section is important section . take your time and explain clear with full explanation to recieve perfect answer

open tickets is the tickets you are sent and they are not answered yet
please note that it's might take up to 48 hours ( 2 business days ) to answer your ticket please have some patience

they are part of tickets need time for complete . we will give you potentially complete date please do not reply these tickets except in emergency cases or you want update some information

if these tickets not complete in the potentialy date please reply ticket and research about your case by that

they are closed ticket .
please do not try to reply this kind of tickets except the cases you think we have close them by mistake
please replying by clarify explanation

they are in process tickets that you must update us by clear explanation about your case 

follow up your instructions to receive your answer or complete your case


please make sure you are folowing your case in open tickets and
do not open more new ticket if you have an open ticket in same case

please pay attention

do not open new tickets if you have another open ticket with same case , just follow up your ticket until your case complete

dear user . this page is under update

dear user . this page is under update