2024 new year holidays

2024 topinvestgroup new year holidays and working departments announcement.

30/12/2023, 31/12/2023, 1/01/2024, 2/01/2024 are official holidays for new year 2024.

Departments working status are as below.

Deposit system: is fully in access and will continue as before.

Payment system: closed, the payment system will start at 3/1/2024.

Contract desk department: closed until 3/1/2024 except activation contract system will continue by 50% power as before.

Accounting desk department: closed: start on 3/01/2024.

Manager desk department: closed, start on 5/01/2024.

WhatsApp customer support automatic answering system will continue as before.

WhatsApp agent system: continue by 50% power as before.

Tickets answering system: closed until 3/01/2024.

Correction data system: closed until 3/01/2024.

Withdrawal reset section: closed until 3/01/2024.

Technical support: continue as before by 100% power

dear user . this page is under update

dear user . this page is under update