holloween 2023 program

Like all past years, the Halloween 2023 plan was activated.

Dear investors. Like all the past years, the Halloween 2023 program activated this year as well. past year this program was presented in the form of a discount. the Halloween 2023 program comes with a 30% bonus.

Please note that this program has the highest bonus in 2023 and after that we will not have another high bonus of this amount.

Halloween 2023 program have a special gift position for small investors.

The smallest plan in this family is the $200 plan and was added to this family to encourage investors.  

All plans in this family come with a 30% bonus.

200 $ 9%

500 $10%

3000 $11%

5000 $12%

10k $ 13%

15k $ 14%

30k $ 15%

50k $ 15%

those are the monthly profit of this program.