loyalty plan expiration program

Dear investors

After expiration date of the loyalty plan, we  are received many requests for the renewal of this plan, and we are glad to this plan has been considered by you all dear investors . We are very happy and proud to announce that more than 10,000 requests have been sent to us by investors to extend this plan . unfortunately as we have announced before , it is not possible to renew the loyalty plan as a permanent plan and we can not extend the 40% bonus . mean while  due to respect and serving to all you investors as the main task of this company, we would like to have a new policy for the permanent expiration of the loyalty plan so that all of you can be ready to accept the permanent expiration of this plan. 

Based on the many requests, this is our new policy to extend the loyalty plan . loyalty plan will continue for two period with new terms

  • loyalty plan will be extended until 11/6/2022 with 30% bonus condition . Monthly profits will not change during this period
  • After that, loyalty plan will continue for another short period until 06/20/2022 with 20% bonus condition, and in this period, monthly profits for all plans less than $ 1,000 will be 10%. . profit for 5000$ and 10,000$ will not change.
  • After that, for the last time, loyalty plan will continue until 06/27/2022 with 10% bonus condition . During this period, monthly profit of all plans less than  1,000$ will be 10%,  and for 5,000$ plan will be 11% and for 10000$ plan will be 12%.

After 6/30/2022, the loyalty plan ends forever

This announcement is for all of you dear investors to planning for yourself

Please note that ,  no renewal requests will be accepted for this plan. According to the company’s new financial policies, no bonus plan will be activated after the end of the loyalty plan

With king reagard

Topinvestgroup manager team

dear user . this page is under update

dear user . this page is under update